Eddy Farm

The Jim Eddy Homestead
On July 31, 2006 James A. Eddy of 62 Barstow Road in Gorham passed away following continued failing health during the past year.  In June of 2006 he deeded over his land  (72 acres) and home to the Gorham Historical Society.
The Society had become a 501c 3 designated organization for tax exempt purposes making this an opportunity for Mr. Eddy to give his land and building to to avoid having his estate pay death taxes and fulfilling a long term wish that the property would be kept without any significant changes and not become a housing development.
As Mr. Eddy looked out across his fields he enjoyed seeing the land used for snowmobiling, agriculture and other outdoor activities.  There fore in his gift he specified that the land could be used for educational, historical, agricultural and recreational activities.
While Mr. Eddy was alive a 5 member board of directors was formed and everyone was a person who Mr. Eddy felt would implement his wishes.
The Board of Directors run the Jim Eddy Homestead and it is owned by the Gorham Historical Society.  What a great gift to give to many future generations of Gorham residents.
The Board has met numerous times and developed goal and plans for the direction of the "Homestead" which implement the plans requested by Mr. Eddy.
The gift came without any funds to implement and develop programs so the members of the board and friends have helped with harvesting hay to start building up a small fund so that some action can start.  Each year, after expenses about $3000 is set aside for the future.
A new sign is being constructed and will be placed in a conspicuous location.
John McCarthy, a nephew of Mr. Eddy was given life tenancy in the farm house and has donated $30,000 to the Society.  The funds were used primarily on building repairs and maintenance.
The future of the Homestead is exciting to look at and to contemplate.  Time will unfold the wonderful gift given by Mr. Eddy to the Society and the people of Gorham.